Making a Bitcoin wallet is incredibly easy. In fact, it is probably the easiest wallet to make in the world. It would be a challenge to make a wallet for the traditional banking system in under a year, but making a Bitcoin wallet takes just 20 minutes.
Think back to the beginning of the covid crisis in 2020. Testing, testing, testing. The foundation of an effective pandemic response. And yet even today…
We are all cyborgs. The phone you hold in your hand is an extension of your brain. Just like computers have caches and memory, which allow them to…
Why political energy can neither be created nor destroyed
Exploring trust in institutions, from scientists to the media, the military, elected officials, corporate executives, religious leaders and more.
The key to ending polarization and political dysfunction
Welcome to Infinite Frontier, a publication by me, Ryan Shea. In these pages, I plan to write about how we can leverage technology and culture to build…

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